The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (saww) said about Shahr Ramadhan:

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"O people! Allah has granted you His Beneficence in this month, the best month to Him, of which the days, the nights, and the hours are the best. In Ramadan, you are all guests of Allah and He accepts your prayers. Then request Him with good intention to grant you serenity to fast and to read the Qur'an.

"Verily, the wretched are those who are deprived of Allah's Mercy in Ramadan. The hunger and thirst you experience while fasting remind you of your hunger and thirst on the Day of Judgement. Pay poor-rate; respect your elders; treat your children kindly; associate with your kins; don't talk idle; and protect your eyes and ears from what is forbidden. Treat orphans affectionately and your orphans will be treated affectionately too.

Then the Prophet (SAWW) added that Allah would forgive sinners who worship Him and fast in the month of Ramadan. He told people to repent for their sins and supplicate His forgiveness. "He is Merciful. Your deeds shape your lives. Free your souls of transgression. If you invite a believer as a guest to break his fast in your house, it is as though you have released a slave. People said some of them could not afford to do that. He said that it would be alright if it was only half a date or a drink of water." 

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