PROTEST: Against destruction of the Prophet's birth place in Makkah

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Saudi Embassy
Washington DC
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am hearing a rumor, and I hope it is a rumor, that the home of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is being proposed to be demolished. People of all faiths spend millions of dollar to find out the location of the house of their founders or founding figures, not to mention the actual house of the Prophet. Muslims have been so blessed to have their historic sites known and secured until now.
If this gossip is true, please stop the demolition immediately. The prophet's house does not belong to Saudi Arabia or its rulers or its people. It's the property of whole Muslim community world over. They own it. Saudis have no right to make any decisions on their behalf. When the Babri Mosque was demolished, Muslims all over the world felt as if a part of their body was taken away. The Prophet's house is the symbol of their entire body and soul. I cannot imagine how can a human being think of demolishing such a historic site?
Please be kind to clarify the rumor and set the records straight, and if the rumor is true, stop the demolition.
Moon Khan
Lombard, Illinois
Note: Friends, please prepare similar kind of letter and send to local Saudi Embassies and Consulates.

Assalam Aliykum,

I am shocked and stunned to see that the Saudi government is crossing all barriers in hurting the sentiments of the Muslims by demolishing the birth place of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.). This mail has pained me from the core of my heart to hear that such a disastrous step the government of Saudi is going to take. My life my property I can sacrifice for the love of my beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.).

Are these the rudiments of love for our Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.) do these rulers show?. Do they know how much love, respect and high regards we have for our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.). Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.) taught us the rudiments of humanity, when the world was strife torn by greed and injustice. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.) saved the girl child from being buried alive. Muhammad (s.a.s.), was a light in the darkness. Muhammad (s.a.s.) led a humble life of nobility and civility without any expectation of felicity. Agreed I am financially not that sound to visit Saudi Arabia for Hajj, but the love I have for Muhammad (s.a.s.), is more than what I have loved anyone on earth.

All steps should be taken to prevent such a measure which will leave scars of pain upto QAYAMAT for all our Muslim brethren. I will surely pray and voice out to Allah that save my beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.)'s birthplace from being demolished. My heart weeps as I write dear brother.


Fayyaz Pathan.

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