The devil betrays his own colleagues over money making game

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The anti-Islam hatemongerer Dutch MP Geert Wilders, whose malicious film Fitna has appeared on the obnoxious websites, in his enthusiasm to offend Islam and Muslims, forgot to secure copyright on footage used in the movie. Observers think that this move was for the purpose of grabbing all the profits by his own, and depriving his colleagues who are in the business of making money out of their anti-Islam blasphemy. All his pretensions about freedom of speech and democracy are as farcical as his movie is.

Danish newspaper cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, whose depiction of the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban sparked violent protests in 2006, wailed and mourned on Dutch TV that Wilders used his work without permission, thus violating the copyright rules. Even the blasphemies against Islam and Muslims are legally protected under the copyright in the Scandinavian and other European countries.

It was no other than Westergaard himself who defended Wilders and argued that the Dutch MP should show his film despite government warnings. On behalf of Westergaard, the Danish Union of Journalists says it will now sue Wilders for copyright infringement. The Danish Union did not disclose though how much it stood to gain from this money making game.

Not to forget Dutch director Rob Muntz who was surprised to see a clip of an interview he conducted with Theo van Gogh, the offensive Dutch filmmaker. Muntz says he never gave permission. He may join in the legal action to ensure that he does not miss out from this rare opportunity of banking on the blasphemies to his advantage.

It was more than fourteen centuries ago that the Arabian Peninsula displayed the signs of the Era of Ignorance. It is after fourteen centuries - in this 21st century - that some of the segments of the Dutch and Danish cultures are reverting back to the age of Ignorance through their malicious enterprise of making money out of hatemongering.

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