How the Wsetern media and politicians deceived the public on Iranian election issue - by Zainab Siavoshani

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Bismihe Ta'ala

Brothers and Sisters, Salam

The topic at hand is very disturbing because it shows how deep the Zionist propaganda has penetrated into the hearts of even the Muslim communities. My family and I just returned from Iran (a few days after the elections). To be sure, what you are seeing on western TV is NOT the truth and I would like to give my own observations as we saw them.

The elections were wonderful and exciting. No one knew that so many people would show up and everyone was in a spirited mood. What surprised us was that due to the propaganda coming from the west, Moosavi seemed to have a good chance to either win or at least give Pres. Ahmadinejad a good run for his money. What western media didn't show was the tremendous popularity and support for Ahmadinejad--and that's very unfortunate. We were in the holy city of Qom although all of our family members live in Tehran. We happened to go to the holy haram of Hazrat Ma'soomeh to say Khoda Hafez when we were caught in a frenzy of supporters for both candidates.

We saw with our own eyes that the followers of Ahmadinejad outnumbered those of Moosavi to around 80%. So, when people went to the polls, it was no surprise that Ahmadinejad was in the lead almost the entire process and with the exception of Tehran and maybe one other city, Mr. Moosavi came in second.

The voting process was well-protected--we had friends in the process who told us that it was almost impossible to cheat. Each candidate had a representative to monitor the votes at each district--including Mr. Moosavi. It's strange that until the election was finished that none of his reps stepped up and said they saw problems or discrepancies in the voting process. The rumors of injecting 10 million votes in favor of Ahmadinejad were ridiculous. Votes were fingerprinted and who would sit around and fingerprint 10 million votes. Even if they did and we were to subtract those votes from his count, he still would have won. The issue of more votes than voters was also not acceptable because unlike America, Iran does not confine people to vote in their own district. School was out and the entire country was in the process of travel and vacation so for example, many people in Qom left and voted in other districts--causing the vote count to be different than the actually population.

What was a big slap in the face though was when Mr. Moosavi came forward and announced to the entire world that the elections were fraudulent and even portrayed the Rahbar as helping or at least turning a blind eye to claims of cheating and lies. For a man who claimed to support the revolution and the principles of the shohodat, that few minutes of his unguarded tongue did more to destroy the integrity of the revolution than 30 years could have accomplished by the enemies of Islam. I feel sorry for him on the Day of Judgment.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Iran, while many of his supporters were wonderful people, including MANY of the ulema, the majority of his supporters had behavior that was absolutely appalling--especially for Muslims. While out in the street, I had to pull my kids out quickly because of the filthy language and behavior of those supporting Moosavi. If you saw the way they were dressed, you would have thought you were in the punk rock section of San Francisco. I would never allow my children to dress the way they were dressed and many of his supporters (not all) were pro-western, anti-Islamic 'freedom' seekers. My question was why were they seeking freedom when they were dressed worse than any American I have seen?

To address the statements given below, I would like to say the following. There is not any where in the modern world that violent protests and riots are allowed. To say that the entire world is lying but the Iranian regime is not the issue. The government never objected to protests--but they told Mr. Moosavi to follow the law in regards to complaints against the elections. He may not have participated in the riots but he certainly did not stop them either and in fact at times instigated them. The western media was biased and absolutely false. Police were not out beating and killing people. People were beating the police, destroying property and taking orders (as admitted) by the MKO terrorists organization (which America lists but allowed them to keep their weapons: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.) Their leader Mariam Rajavi announced their participation and also seemed overjoyed so say that MKO was the actual winner of the elections (remember the bombing of Imam Reza's shrine that killed over 25 people? This was her work).

Former President Abol-Hassan Bani Sadr stated as well that he also gave orders for the uprising and destruction following the elections. Don't forget that America, Israel and even Saudi Arabia have had their hand in this. America has not been silent in saying that their aim is destroy the regime from within and they even upped their budget for such purposes by several million dollars (when Americans are jobless and hungry).

Just to show an example of the twisting of facts, how many of you saw the man on the motorcycle getting beaten and a women was protecting him? ABC and BBC listed him as a mazloom supporter being beaten by the basij forces. In fact, he was a basij volunteer being beaten by the supporters. They caught one of them and he admitted that they were being driven from outside sources. Those people killed were innocent but know that at least eight of them were members of the basij forces and they were killed by gunshots fired from the protesters. In Iran, it's illegal to carry weapons--so the question remains as to where those weapons came from and who supplied them.

Here is a question--if rioters took to the streets here in America with weapons after being told to disperse wouldn't US forces use all types of violence such as taser guns, tear gas, batons and even real guns? If any protestor attacked a US police, the police have the right to shoot to kill. So where is your excuse then that the Iranian forces are cruel and killing innocent people? They were doing their job to try and contain a violent and destruction uprising of a minority of supporters.

Last night on Press TV, we witnessed a student that was supposedly killed--he came forward and said he's well and alive. Brother, reports and lies are out everywhere and as Muslims who are responsible for what we see, hear and say we have to be very careful to understand the truth and only stick to the truth--otherwise, we are as guilty as those perpetrating the crimes. Ayatollah Khamanie announced that any protests (after the initial violence) would be banned and those defying the ban would be punished. It's a fair stance and those who defied it can not complain about the outcome.

All during the elections, Press TV seemed (in my humble opinion) to be slightly biased toward Mr. Moosavi. Yet today, they have even announced that their footage and reporting is totally different than what CNN has said concerning a demonstration in front of the majlis in Baharstan square. They had a woman crying saying police were taking people off of buses, beating and even killing them. We were watching live coverage and while some people were gathered, for the most part, there seemed to be no violence or uprising.

You mentioned that masses in Iran. Have you considered that the masses are against these demonstrations, riots and the behavior of the Moosavi supporters? The masses in fact are in support of Ayat. Khamani AND Pres. Ahmadinejad. From our outlook, those elections were fair. The 'masses' do not consist of half a million supporters. Those eligible for the votes came to close to 50 million so the supporters/rioters were actually a very small percentage of the total voting population. And the true masses are honestly disgusted with the behavior of their Iranian counterparts.

You cannot even compare the statement of 'no compulsion in religion' which has absolutely no relevance to this current issue. 99% of the Iranians are Muslim and 30 years ago, the majorty of those Muslims voted for an Islamic Republic to be conformed around the laws of Shia Islam. What compulsion are you mentioning? The law is the law. Ayat. Khamanie had every right to shed tears on that day and the rest of the Muslim umma should have done the same. Many of these Iranians were blinded by the massive propaganda tool being injected into their country on a daily basis. Those who rioted, destroyed and killed were blinded by Shayton, thinking that freedom means throwing off hijab, being allowed to drink and mingle with mixed genders. I cried when young girls would ask me how I could have left the freedom of America to come to a oppressive country such as Iran (meaning they think that I'm forced into hijab and that somehow America is free). As an American, I found my true freedom as a Muslim to be in the very heart of what the western media/governments fear the most. I'm free to think, feel, dress and practice my religion without the stink of hypocrisy and hiding just to be 'accepted' by non-Muslims.

Certainly Imam e- Zeman (a.s.) won't kill innocent people but neither were innocent people killed by the government of Iran. As Brother Arif stated, the people of Iran are very compassionate and loving, including those members of basij, the governmental officials and the Rahbar. I can even say this propaganda of not being able to say what you want without punishment is a bunch of lies. There were many occasions that I openely voiced my concern on problems in Iran with members of government and never was I hauled away to prison because of it. In fact, they politely listened, discusses and at times, even agreed with me. Instead of given a prison term, I was given tea, Iranian sweets and on some ocasions, even lunch.

Yes, maybe some of the people in Tehran are bitter, liars and cheaters--but that's just people everywhere. There are many good and wonderful people in Tehran as well as the entire country. But remember this note: one of my brothers who passed away (please recite Fatiha for his soul) told me something before he died. I asked him why the people of the revolution were not as openly active as the opponents were. He said, "My sister, remember this. The people keeping this government alive are the fire under the ash. You can't see them, but they are there burning strong and hot." So, that's what we are seeing today. Those followers of the Rahbar, the system and Islam are there burning strong. They are silent in the face of the loud-mouthed trouble-makers--many of whom don't even realize what they are actually doing. Zionists and the westerners aren't idiots that they don't know how to subtly manipulate people.

As Muslims, we have to be strong, wise and follow our leaders. They know what they are doing and we are not in a position to question their decisions or decide to follow the lies that are being portrayed.

I'm sorry for the length of this letter but it seems there is a huge misunderstanding of the situation in Iran. We have to be vigilent in our stance against the plans of the enemies of Islam. If you think that this is just something that popped out of nowhere, you should know that the forces of Zionism, America and other key factors have been planning something like this for over 30 years. The chance came up, they grabbed it but alhamdulillah, with Allah's help and the wisdom of the Rahbar, their plots were foiled.

"Wa makaroo wa makarollah wallaho khaiyul makireen." "They plot but Allah plotted and He is the best of plotters."

May Allah bless the Islamic Republic and the servants who uphold it and may he hasten the appearance of our Imam al Mahdi (a.s.).

Khoda Hafez,
Zainab Siavoshani

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