Aal Khalifah's atrocities in Bahrain

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The government of Bahrain is still hiding from International community, Human Rights Organizations, and world media. This is what the Bahrain government do not want you to see:

1) During the massacre at Pearl Square, Manama, Ambulances were NOT allowed to pick injured from the massacre location.

2) Bahrain's King deceived its population by first giving guarantees of no Military/Police action, and then attacking innocent peace-loving unarmed civilians at 3 am when they were asleep without any warning. The victims include Children, elderly, and Women.

3) Ambulance drivers were beaten up. Doctors, and nursing staff were also beaten up by Bahrain Police on the orders of Bahrain King, and government.

4) Army sprayed peaceful demonstrators with live bullets on the order to kill by the government.

5) Freezer trucks were sent by the government to collect dead bodies of at least 70 people who were left on the streets to die, and were denied medical treatment (by not allowing Ambulances to enter the square).

6) Bahrain Government is trying to widen the wedge between Shias and Sunnis in Bahrain. Its based on the old theory of divide and rule. The Wahabi government deceives Sunnis by giving them a false picture of Shia takeover of the country. Fortunately, this has changed as witnessed during latest demonstration, where Sunnis and Shias participated in large number at the Pearl Square. We have to understand, its not a Shia revolt; This is a Bahraini revolution of oppressed people against the atrocities of the autocratic Bahrain regime.

Proof: http://news.yahoo.com/s/time/20110219/wl_time/08599205277100

7) The government of Bahrain claims to have established democracy. False. The King and the unelected upper house of Parliament still holds the final say on any resolution in the country.

8) Several Media Reporters including ABC News correspondent Miguel Marquez were beaten during the 3 am Bahrain government massacre.

Proof: http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thecutline/20110217/bs_yblog_thecutline/abc-reporter-beaten-during-bahrain-crackdown

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