Where terrorists enjoy diplomatic immuntiy

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From our correspondent

Since the Presidency of the Wahabite dictator of Pakistan, General Zia ul Haq, who brought disasters to community relations in Pakistan, the country has faced persistent ethnic cleansing. He enjoyed very close relations with the Wahabite establishment of Saudi Arabia. Since then, tens of thousands of  Shias have been massacred in cold-blood.

The terrorists are trained from childhood into believing that the Shias are kuffar, like Jews and Christians. Therefore, they have to be eliminated. The terror attacks of 9/11 and 7/7 were the products of the fanatical mindset on which the vulnerable youths are groomed. The terror gangsters in Pakistan, calling themselves Lushkare Junghvi and Sepahe Sahaba, at the instigation of their radical molvies, have given themselves the right to massacre whoever they think are kuffar.

The terrorists are rarely caught or brought to justice, under the successive Pakistani governments. With complete confidence that the police will protect them, the terrorists carry out ethnic cleansing against the Shias and walk free. The complicity of the country's security has been discussed in the world media. But the Pakistani government has persistently failed in protecting its citizens.

Lately, passenger buses are stopped, the Shias passengers segregated and killed in cold-blood.

For more details, please read this very interesting article on BBC website.    


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