"The ignorants who desecrate shrines are the dogs of hell" says Mufti Ali Juma' of Egypt

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A few shrines of the Sufi Shaykhs were destroyed in Libya by the fanatical Salafis, who derive their core guidance from the School of Wahabism. The Muftis reacted with revulsion against these acts of desecration and called them "the dogs of Hell" and "Jahilis". Yet, because of the heavy-weight of petro-dollars, most Muslims remained mute as the shrines and graves of the dearest and nearest members of the Prophet's family - the members of Ahlul Bayt a.s. and the companions of the Prophet were desecrated and destroyed by the wretched fanatics of Najd. What a double-standard!

Desecration of shrines

 Desecration of shrines

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