The satanic plot to blow up shrines of Ahlul-Bayt (as)

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The leader of Jum'ah congregation, Hujjatul Islam Sayed Sadruddin Qubanchi, disclosed in his Friday sermon from Najaf on 5th October 2012, the evil plot of al-Qaeda, the Wahabi/Salafi terrorist organisation, of blowing up and destroying the tombs and shrines of Ahlul-Bayt, the holy Household of the Prophet of Islam.

It is now a public knowledge that this criminal organisation, whose hands are stained with the blood of innocent people, enjoys moral, financial and material support from the Wahabi/Salafi organisations in some oil rich countries.

Observers believe that the way in which Syrian crisis has unfolded, safe passage has been given to 15,000 or so terrorists of al-Qaeda and its sister organisations, into the Syrian territory through Turkey, with heavy arms and ammunitions. It is known in international circles that this operation is being supported by some countries. In fact, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have openly and publicly declared in international forums that they are arming and financing the insurgents and rebels, who are now being dangerously integrated with the outlaws.

Al-Qaeda leader in Yemen declared that the members of his organisation were transported with Saudi support from Abyan in South Yemen to Syria via Turkey.
The policies of Taliban and al-Qaeda Salafi/Wahabi extremists have been focused on destroying and desecrating the sacred shrines by declaring war on the departed souls and by killing others indiscriminately, as they have been doing in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and now, in Syria. Taking hostages and beheading them are crimes against humanity, which the violent Salafis and Wahabis, members of Taliban and al-Qaeda have committed many times in the past. 

The 48 kidnapped Iranian hostages in Syria are being held by the so-called Syrian Liberation Army and they have issued threats to kill them. The SLA has been presenting itself as the alternative power-broker. The nations that support the SLA should be able to answer the dilemma whether their policy of hostage-taking will continue, if and when they manage to control power.
Further, if the hostages were Americans or Europeans instead of Iranians, what would have been the reaction of the international community? There would have been a barrage of condemnation and intervention by the governments and intelligence agencies of the U.S. and European States, not to mention Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

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