American Shia-Muslims attacked in Hajj

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A large group of Salafis attacked a group of American Shia Muslims performing Hajj. The incident took place in Mina, during the late hours of the evening. The Americans arrived at the tent, only to be immediately accosted by a group of men demanding to know if they were American. When the group responded in the affirmative, the men asked if they were Shia, and then immediately attacked after hearing the response. During the attack, the men shouted “Our Hajj will be complete once we have killed you, ripped out your hearts and eaten them” and “We’re going to do Karbala all over again.” They also shouted other vulgarities towards Shia women.

The Americans fled the tent area, which the Saudi government had specifically designated for American and European pilgrims. During the escape, many of the group, almost entirely U.S. citizens hailing from Dearborn, MI suffered bruises, concussions, broken bones, and black eyes.

The Universal Muslim Association of America condemns this attack, and calls on the United States Embassy in Saudi Arabia, as well as the State Department, to take immediate and swift action to punish those responsible and prevent future such incidents.

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