Gaddafi invites Jews and Christians

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President Mua’mmar al-Gaddafi of Libya, in one of his habitual outbursts, called upon the Jews and the Christians to circumambulate the Ka’abah in Makkah, as Muhammad (saw) was sent as Messenger for all mankind. He continued saying that as Ka’abah is the House of God, so everyone has a right to make tawaf around the Ka’abah and not only the Arabs and Muslims. He did not disclose though, how many Jews and Christians had approached him, expressing desire for circumambulating the Ka’abah.

The President was addressing the assembly of the Africans in Mali on the occasion of the birth of the Prophet. He said that the Bible is fabricated and that Jesus is the Prophet of the Israelites, and was not sent to Europe or Africa or America. It is incumbent upon the Jews, he insisted, to follow Jesus, for if Moses was there in the times of Jesus, he would have been a Christian. The speech of Gaddafi was published in Al-Jamahiriyya paper in Libya on 11-4-2006. 

Gaddafi said that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the Prophet of the people in Scandinavia, in Europe, in America, in Asia and in Africa. Therefore, whoever attacks the personality of the Prophet is being taught a distorted curriculum, as in Scandinavia, promoting hatred.  

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