Kosher or not; Is it Halal or Haram?

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Rabbi Goldberg and Mullah Nasruddin have the following conversation:

Rabbi: What is the Islamic ruling regarding wine?

Mullah: It is Haram (Forbidden).

Rabbi: How about water?

Mullah: That's Halal (Permissible).

Rabbi: How about grapes?

Mullah: That's 100 per cent Halal.

Rabbi: Then why is it that these ingredients are Halal, and yet when you
combine them, it becomes Haram?

Mullah: If I hit you with this handful of dirt, do you think it would hurt you?

Rabbi: Nope.

Mullah: How about if I hit you with this handful of straw?

Rabbi: No way!

Mullah: How about a handful of water?

Rabbi: I don't think so.

Mullah: How about if I mix them, and let them dry to become a brick, and then hit you with it, would it hurt you?

Rabbi: Hurt me? you might even kill me!

Mullah: The same reasoning applies to what you asked me! 

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