Fatwas of the clerics of petro-dollars

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5 January, 2013

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The enormous oil wealth and the influx of petro-dollars have led the Salafi/Wahabi politico-religious establishment to enforce upon others its peculiar religious beliefs.

Pioneered by Ibn Taymiyan Salafis and promoted by Ibn Abdul Wahhabis, certain beliefs which are peculiar to this establishment are being promoted by spending millions of dollars around the Muslim and non-Muslim world. Opposed to all other Schools in Islam, these sects have vigorously promoted grave-phobia and Shia-phobia. With the exception of the teachings of Ibn Taymiyyah (d. 1328 CE) and Ibn Abdul Wahhab (d. 1792 CE), all other Schools in Islam (based on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (saww) d. 632 CE) permit building of shrines over the graves of the Prophets of God, Imams and other virtuous souls. These shrines are exclusively utilized to worship no other deity except God. But because of dishonest misrepresentation of facts, a fictionalised version has been framed and fed into the minds of other Muslims. Millions of Muslims have been misled into believing that it is the requirement of Islamic faith to destroy graves and places of historic importance. Hence, despite protests from all over the Muslim world, there has been a categorical destruction of the graves of the most beloved members of the Prophet’s family, his companions and the heroes of Islam and all their relics.

The UNESCO has been established by the world community to promote the preservation of historical sites because these are the heritage of mankind; and no one like the Taliban and their allies and those who give them legitimacy, are permitted to tamper with these sites or destroy them. As a line of defence, the advocates of this ideology give an irrational excuse that they too do not protect any signs of the graves of their own dear ones. What they do with the dead-bodies and graves of their dead, is their own business – whether to cremate them at the river Ganges or to bury them in Arabian Sea. But they must not impose on other Muslims to follow their ways.

As the cities of Makkah and Madina are facing categorical destruction of sacred sites and historic heritage of the world of Islam and humanity at large, the apologetics are impressed by the false propaganda of Salafis/Wahabis. Based on some weak narrations and narrators, they advocate the ideology of desecration of holy sites. They give illogical excuses that Muslims will start worshipping them!

It is Ibn Taymiyyah who initiated this movement of grave-phobia by issuing a totally sacrilegious fatwa (religious edict) that it is haraam (prohibited) to visit the grave of the Prophet of God in Madina. His followers have been brainwashed into thinking that those who visit the grave of the Prophet and members of his family to pay respect to them, end up worshipping them! On this basis they accuse the Shia Muslims of being "grave-worshippers". Their fanatics and those supporting them declare the Shia Muslims kuffar (non-believers). Their takfiris (ex-communicators) clergy go a step ahead in permitting the shedding of blood of the Shias. Hence, they have nurtured a whole generation of terrorists, who are prepared to kill and maim, even women and children, as they are promised great awards in Paradise for killing the Shias. This explains all the indiscriminate attacks on Shia civilians by the Salafi/Wahabi/Deobandi takfiris in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places.

The focus of their terror are the Shia Muslims though all other Schools in Islam permit visitations to the graves and shrines of the Prophets, Imams and other virtuous souls; and they do not believe in destroying and desecrating the sacred places or destroying history under the false pretext that people will start worshipping historic relics. There are hundreds of shrines and historic relics preserved and protected by Sunni Schools in Egypt, Pakistan, India, Syria, Iraq and many other countries. They do not find any prohibition in the Shari’ah against this practice. But based on some concocted or very weak narrations and narrators, the takfiris and the establishment representing them, grossly dismiss the version of other Islamic Schools and remain adamant on their own misguided beliefs.

There are some very negative implications aimed at the policy of destroying graves of holy personalities and historic sites under ideological, commercial and political reasons. The ideological reason is to isolate the Shia Muslims in the Sunni world and get them declared non-Muslims. The political reason is to enforce the hegemony of Salafi/Wahabi sects on other Muslims; and to get their Salafism and Wahabism act as a dominating force in the world of Islam. They do not want the history of the Prophet and his family members to survive, but the history of their royal families and their rule to predominate everything else. The commercial reasons are obvious. As most Muslims maintain a conspiracy of silence, Makkah and Madina, the holiest cities in Islam, are converted into Manhattan. Super-luxurious five-star hotels are emerging with members of the royal family have controlling interest. So the land of Makkah and Madina is increasingly coming under the private control of the royal family.

In the last decade, the cost of performing Hajj has quadrupled. The Hajj is now becoming a rich-man’s journey. Because of the influence of petro-dollars, many Muslim countries and their people do not realise that in the next few years, the poor people, who are the overwhelming majority among Muslims, will not afford to go for Hajj, one of the branches of Islam. Many clerics who receive rich stipends and luxurious life-style under the auspices of the Salafi/Wahabi establishments are unlikely to jeopardise their own selfish interest. So they will maintain a conspiracy of silence, even if the general interest of Muslims is at stake. With their collaboration, these establishments have successfully sold the phobia that the places of historic importance and graves of sacred personalities will end up being worshipped. This irrational, illogical and nonsensical reasoning has been effective on the naïve Muslims. They do not pause to re-think that the Prophet himself has said in an authentically narrated Hadith that idol-worship will never return back to Arabia. But by believing the baseless propaganda of the Salafis, Deobandis and Wahabis, the ignorant among Muslims have placed greater credibility to the version of the takfiris over the Hadith of the Prophet.

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