Pakistani Tashbih Sayyed who praised Israeli democracy - by Maria Hussein

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Salam alaikum

Please forward this to your sources and friends. Tashbih Sayyed, Ph.D. the Pakistani who wrote the misleading article in praise of Israeli democracy works for Charles Jacobs.

Charles Jacobs is "Zionist mastermind" whose activities include planting false stories in the newspaper about the Boston Islamic Center (he is now being sued for defamation by the Muslim community). His lies are very serious because they involve false accusations of the mosque being used for fundraising for terrorists. Many imams have already been put in jail for life on such false charges that start with the Zionist organizations planting news stories.

He heads the David Project which made movies that tell lies about Arab and Muslim university professors to try to get them fired. He is also involved in the fake "Slavery in Sudan" story and the "Genocide in Sudan" story which falsely frames the conflict as a struggle between Arabs and Black Christians. He is involved in creating a kidnapper ring in Sudan which was started by the David Project and a Swiss Christian group attempting to "buy slaves' freedom". This also involves a lot of fake news stories. He also invited Robert Spencer, a notorious anti-Islam hate speech maker to speak at a Boston synagogue to try and defame the Boston Islamic Center.

Muslims should be very very careful getting involved in interfaith activities. They are usually funded by groups like the ADL and other anti-Islamic hate organizations which sometimes create fake names for themselves like Council for Democracy and Tolerance and adjunct fellow of Hudson Institute of which Dr. Tashbih Sayyed is president.

I assume that after accepting these bribes from Zionist organizations, now we are going to see a lot of pro-Israel stories in the Pakistani newspapers Muslim World Today and Pakistan Today. Realize they are all fake!

Maria Hussain

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