Clerics: War on Iran 'forbidden'

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Sun, 14 Oct 2007 06:00:55
Organisation of Islamic Countries

Many clerics from Muslim and Arab countries have declared that cooperating with the US on attacking Iran in any way is 'Haraam' (Forbidden).

According to Islam Online database, religious clerics believe that assisting the United States for assaulting Iran by any means, such as providing land, airfield and information is against the Islamic law.

"One cannot wage war against a Muslim country unless that country has invaded another Muslim country, which is not the issue with Iran," the news database quoted the clerics as saying.

Also the Secretary General of the Universal Association of Muslim Scientists, Dr. Muhammad Salim Al-Avaa said, "Entering war with another Muslim country is against Islamic law," he insisted," Iran has never displayed animosity against any other Muslim or Arab nation; on the contrary it has always defended the legal rights of Palestinians and other Muslims in Asia and Africa."

"Standing by Iran and reinforcing it is now a necessity for all Arab and Muslim countries, and if there exist some conflicts in interests, it must be resolved through dialogue not war," Al-Ava concluded.


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