Some helpful advice on reducing stress

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Rule 1:

Develop a positive attitude.
Stop thinking of yourself as stupid or good for nothing.
The more you have a negative self esteem the more are your chances to be effected by stress related problems.

Think of yourself as somebody who is capable and can do what he wants to.
Think of yourself as a person who can manage his finances well, get over health problems through mind power, systematically manage time when you want to, solve family problems by talking them out, solve work problems by being genuine and passionate at work, sort out house hold problems by taking them as they come and manage social life by not giving it unnecessary importance.

Try to convert problems into challenges.
It's no use looking at problems as problems. Everyone has to face them.
Those who convert them into challenges are the ones who come out with flying colours.

Upon being asked on how he felt on "failing" 9999 times in his attempt to perfect an electric bulb, Thomas Edison replied that he had "not failed" but learnt 9999 ways of how not to make an electric bulb - a positive attitude that conclusively led to one of most useful scientific creations ever. Expect frustrations and failures at times, that's why they call it "work".


Rule 2:

Put your mind at work. On the social front if you have friends call them in manageable groups to your house and treat them well with simple things rather than flashy parties with unmanageable numbers.

It's the quality which counts and not the jazz.
On the home front try to be prepared and systematic so that in case of a power cut you don't need to shout around for the candle.

Or just understand the importance of living a clean life instead of becoming a cleanliness freak.
Clean is one thing and disinfected and hermetically sealed and tested is another.

On the job learn to delegate work and avoid unhealthy competition.

Learn to pace your activities so that you can achieve your targets.
On the family front explain to your spouse the importance of staying together and bringing up your children together or for that matter explain to your parents the importance of maintaining a little distance at times.

Learn to take out time wasters from your day and schedule things in order to avoid procrastination and bad time management.
Take the right health insurance policies and go for regular by annual check-ups in order to avoid health related emergencies and to be prepared for the rainy day.

Learn to invest your money well (and for heavens sake don't borrow if at all possible).
Don't be over ambitious and end up buying every thing on instalments.
Credit cards and zero interest loans (and other such schemes) are lovely slaves but bad masters.


Rule 3:

Start living a healthy life. Have the right diet and exercise.
Forget about that third mug of coffee everyday.
Don't use work, social life or any emotional problems as an excuse for becoming emotional.  

Leave out smoking totally and remember there is no use trying to watch that late night movie on the cable if you have got to get up at 6.30 next morning.

Exercising is a must.

Some of the Indian ways like Yoga etc help to manage stress better than anything else.
The right kind of breathing techniques can help you manage tense times better.


Rule 4:

Know how to relax. Don't attach undue importance to everything.
Remember the 80:20 principle - 80 per cent of the results come from 20 per cent of the efforts.

At times its a great idea to forget the work in the office, leave it pending and going for your child's painting competition.

When is the last time you ditched your office and took your children to park or took your spouse shopping?
Do it. Learn to say "no" to things, which are less important.
Educate people on the importance of leaving a message on the answering machine and forget about rushing madly to pick up the phone every time it rings.


Rule 5:

Spend time with nature. Visit the local park for a morning jog.
Make regular trips to the countryside with family and friends.

Decorate your room with plants and try to have a nice garden at home.
A nice weekend trip to a nearby hill station or beach can perk up your productivity for weeks to come.
Learn to enjoy time with nature instead of your computer and office walls.


Finally, be God conscious and only do things which please him. Without His mercy and blessings everything else is just nothing. Keep the thought of your Creator all the time

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